24 Up-To-Date Dissertation Topic Ideas In Finance For Undergraduates

Finance students who need help with their dissertation can look through the following ideas, and hopefully find something that will help them come up with an incredible paper.

  1. Discuss the nature of the world of international corporate finance
  2. . Explain the key objectives of corporate finance
  3. Discuss the nature and philosophy of public finance
  4. Explain the importance of the role of a corporate finance director with respect to taxation
  5. Discuss the key tenets of financial theory and corporate policy
  6. Explain how the corporate environment benefits from capital finance
  7. Discuss some of the key realities that are associated with feminist economics
  8. Discuss the challenges that are currently facing the financial element of the economics of gender
  9. Explain the ramifications of the Hamiltonian economic concept
  10. Discuss how financial economics has evolved over the years, after the financial crush of 2008
  11. Compare and contrast the roles of a financial analyst and a financial manager in the business world
  12. Discuss the comparative differences between Keynesian economics and the feel good economics
  13. Discuss the key features of the international fashion financial market between the US and the UK
  14. Discuss the nature and implication of corporate mergers, and the ramifications of the same
  15. Explain the financial position of Istanbul as a tourism destination, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses
  16. Discuss the importance of a trade and economic policy, between two countries in regional economics
  17. Explain the key factors that normally affect a middle eastern economy, with an emphasis on the financial challenges
  18. Highlight the major financial issues that are currently facing the European Union
  19. Discuss the ramifications to the financial markets, of the Euro not performing as expected (below par)
  20. Highlight some of the key benefits of the IMF to the member nations
  21. Discuss the fiscal challenges that countries have to endure when they face sanctions
  22. Discuss some of the key economic indicators in Spain, and compare the same with France
  23. Discuss the importance and consequences of trade tariffs
  24. Discuss the Kahneman contribution to ethical financial economics

Remember that even with these topics, your dissertation has to be properly researched. You have to make sure that you give it as much attention as you need, and in the long run you will be able to score the grades you desire.