An In-Depth Tutorial On How To Write A Dissertation Introduction

You have a task on your hand to write a dissertation but find it very hard to start the project. A good introduction will help you to jump-start your work and get a top grade most of the time. A cheap dissertation service will help you with your work from the very beginning to the end of writing. When the right way to write an introduction is selected, it will set a foundation for all of the project. Feel free to read further to get an in-depth tutorial on how to write a dissertation introduction the right way.

Select a problem

Selecting the right problem is one of the most important tasks in writing a project but at the same time one of the hardest. Select a problem that you find interesting and can get a lot of information about it. A recent thing like an event or an issue might be the way to go because people will find it very interesting and at the same time, you will have a lot of recent information about it. But do not feel afraid to pick an older topic, for example, World War II, there is so much material about it and people still find new things about it and it is still relevant in the present day.

Why it is worth researching

When you have a problem selected for your dissertation expand and explain why it is worth researching it. You can point out why you find that topic interesting and how can it be interesting for other people. Also, explain what the key issue with the problem is. A good way is to pick two or three main points, this will keep your task interesting and will help you to write a more diverse paper.

How and why you do it

What you have to do now is to explain what the purpose and the nature of your task is. Expand on how you will do your research on the topic you have selected. There a couple of ways you can go about it so choose the one you find more suitable for your project. The most popular types of research are:

  • Practical research – a more hands on approach to a problem by doing interviews, surveys, observations, or discussion groups.
  • Theoretical research – research that is more focused on the analysis on already published works, journals or books.

When you have selected your type of research try to write what you are hoping to achieve by completing the work. When you have your introduction done, what you have is a blueprint for your whole project so use it to get the top grade that you deserve.